Raindrops, Hyde Park, London, UK

Taking convincing pictures of rain is extremely difficult, you really need an intense tropical downpour for rain to be at all visible to the stills camera. Raindrops make a satisfactory alternative. In this shot I was attracted to the contrast between the internal reflected light within the raindrops and rich green of the trees beyond the window.

Technique: The abstraction of the image is achieved by setting the camera to manual focus, setting the focus to its minimum distance (just over 30 cms on the lens I was using), opening the aperture to maximum (f2.8), and achieving image focus by moving the camera body rather than the lens, all the time visualing keeping the camera sensor in the same plane as the window (as this range even minor deviations would cause uneven focus in the plane of the objects). Finally recognising that it would not be possible to get the entire range of objects in absolute sharp focus, rocking slowly back and forth to work out the combination of focussed/unfocussed objects that would seem to work best in the final image. The image was finshed off by increasing saturation to boost the green to what I took to be my proper ‘real perception’ of the colour of the trees as I first noticed the shot.

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