Solitary Expatriate, Buchanan, Liberia

Standing upon a large rock, a man considers the sea, on an isolated beach close to Liberia’s second city of Buchanan. The city saw very heavy fighting during the civil conflicts that convulsed much of the country during the period 1990-2003, and parts of the beach front were mined (I hesitate to advise how successfully they have been de-mined – exercise caution if you visit). We were essentially visiting this broken town and its lonely beach as ‘tourists’. A significant indicator of the capacity of an expatriate to endure prolonged stints in challenging environments is their individual capacity to make entertainment from the unconventional.

Technique: The image is a simple silhouette. Even on a relatively overcast day, the light of the tropics is sufficiently intense to easily achieve a full silhouette by exposing for the sky. A little contrast work and cleaning up was then done in post-production.

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