Child-Headed Household, Condemned House, Kigali, Rwanda

A young Rwandan family in Kigali. At the time the picture the young man had just turned 18, until then they had been a child-headed household (both of their parents had died by the late 1990s). This vulnerable family came to the attention of the UK charity Hope and Homes for Children who supported them with basic furnishings, capital to enable them to create their own employment opportunities, as well as helping the family find a new and much safer house. Here the family stands in front of their former condemned house (now marked for demolition by the Rwandan government). The family were very glad to move away from this house as they experienced many problems whilst living here.

The image was taken very close to noon, usually a very poor time for photography in the tropics. However, a cloudy sky provided a sufficiently diffuse light to eliminate any harsh shadows.

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