Pregnant Chamaeleon, Virungas National Park, Rwanda

A pregnant chamaeleon my guide spotted whilst trekking in the Virungas National Park of Northern Rwanda. The hand in the image provides an indication of scale. The chamaeleon began to pale noticeably as the guide held it against his skin.

This image highlights the value of sharing your images on the internet. I posted the image to Flickr and some months later was contacted by a US-based expert on chamaeleons. He identified the species as Trioceros rudis (apparently frequently misidentified and confused with a similar species from Tanzania, Trioceros. sternfeldi). The image will feature in a forthcoming book, “The Complete Chameleon: A Comprehensive Guide to the Natural History, Diversity, Captive Husbandry and
Propagation of the Family Chamaeleonidae”.

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