Dhow, Saadani, Tanzania

A dhow far out at sea, off the coast of Tanzania. Close to dawn, and under an imminent storm (you fear for the occupants of the little vessel), this image seemed especially suitable for black and white conversion.

Mount Meru, Tanzania

This shot taken from the base of Mount Meru didn’t really work as colour image. A black and white conversion brings out the subtle relationship between the shape of the mountain and the shape of the foreground tree, making the shot.

Algae-Stained Baobab, Saadani, Tanzania

A large baobab tree by a large saline lagoon had over decades absorbed the red algae of the lagoon, staining its massive trunk a deep claret colour. Colour balancing this shot was extremely difficult, the initial camera white balance failed to capture the red staining completely. Only in manual balancing was the true nature of the image recorded.

The Photography of Nick Fraser