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Escalators, St John’s Wood Underground, London, UK

A shot I grabbed in a second. As I rode the final escalator to the street level I noticed the beautiful quality of light ahead. Luckily my camera was at my side and there it was. There is something nostalgic about this shot.

Technique: Unlike most of my work this one was taken in JPG with in-camera conversion to red-filtered B/W (back in 2006, when I didn’t know any better!). The lens used is small manual focus 35mm Zeiss Flektagon (an old East German lens of the 1970s). It is not as sharp as a modern lens but it is tremendously light and portable, has good contrast and very nice bokeh. I can usually tell which photographs I used this lens for just by looking at the patterns in the unfocused parts of the image.

Winter Sunset, Covent Garden, London, UK

A bitter winter day in London’s Covent Garden. The low sun straight into camera and the reflections on the cobbles guiding the eye toward the centre of the frame, make the shot.

Technique: Shooting into the sun can be tricky. Flare, light bouncing randomly inside the lens is often a problem (a big lens hood helps), but exposure can be even trickier. A single stop of over exposure was made in camera, with further over exposure in post-production, plus additional contrast, dodging and burning.